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Merry Christmas

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We have come to the last stage of the Moratorium Transition restructuring of The Sure Foundation.  We have designed and built a new online learning infrastructure called NTC, which stands for New Testament Communications. NTC is articulated with The Sure Foundation Theological Institute.

In the the new NTC Learning Network there are many features that are included, that were not in the former Sure Foundation picture.  Namely, community, your own account with Wall, a Directory for communication. Also, once you complete a class, a profound aspect of the new NTC online learning facility, is that, the class you complete resolves in your own private launching station for your perpetual access.  
Exclusive Private Scholarship Offer.  Scholarships Include the following New Testament/New Covenant Theological Degree ~  64 Credit Hour Associate Degree.  120 Credit Hour Bachelor Degree.  60 Credit Hour Masters Degree.  40 Credit Hour Doctorate Degree. 

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